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Historical Collection. You do not have JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to access the full features of the site or access our non-JavaScript page. Issue 11, Previous Article Next Article. From the journal: Green Chemistry. Products and processes for a sustainable chemical industry: a review of achievements and prospects.

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Jean F. Droescher c. You have access to this article. Please wait while we load your content Something went wrong. Try again? Cited by. Back to tab navigation Download options Please wait Article type: Tutorial Review. DOI: Download Citation: Green Chem. Products and processes for a sustainable chemical industry: a review of achievements and prospects J. And above all, you have interchangeable stoppers for convenience.

Capacity Tolerance Quantity Maximum ml. Aml In. A two mark flask designed for the analysis of sugar solutions. The two graduation marks provide a dilution of 1 in Brand funnels are available in comprehensive range for a variety of such applications. Sintered glass funnels are also available. Separating funnels come in globe and pear shapes with ground glass stopcocks and interchangeable stoppers.

These funnels are made from specifically moulded blanks. Stopcock bores, body openings and stems are carefully aligned to provide smooth, even liquid flow with fast cut-off. The sturdy design of brand funnels make them excellent for rack work. It is quickly charged and assembled and simple to operate. These are precision ground high quality interchangeable joints suitable for rapid and convenient assembly of apparatus for majority of laboratory applications.

The outer joints have extra glass tooled on to rims to add a chip resistance. All brand Ground Joints are triple tested for proper taper control, for mating and for vacuum. The taper is as required by Bureau of Indian Standard Specifications. The excellent resistance to chemical attack and good optical clarity of brand jars make them the most obvious choice. Brand jars are specially blown to give sturdiness and long life. The rims are flat ground to close tolerances. The covers of museum jars are provided with a small orifice for easy filling of the preservative without unsealing the lid.

The jars are not recommended for use over a direct flame or on a hot plate. The wide mouth permits easy access to the interior for cleaning purposes. Covers are of heavy construction and lower sections are mould blown for maximum resistance to mechanical breakage.

Covers are provided with openings with interchangeable joint for rapid assembly with condensers, stirrers etc. Flanges of covers and bottoms are finely ground for a tight seal. The graduation marks are in durable white enamel or amber stain, resistant to normal laboratory reagents and repeated washing. All the pipettes are individually measured and then marked. Due to uniformity of bore, accuracy is ensured between any two readings. The pipettes can be autoclaved and if necessary can be flamed for sterilisation.

Delivery time of the pipettes have been decreased as a result of change in international standards. Standards shown below to facilitate easy identification. The Graduation marks are screen printed. Mouth piece of pipettes 5 ml and above are tooled with uniform OD and ID for easy sucking and cotton plugging. This tooling also gives added strength. You can rely on the accuracy of brand pipettes.

Details of Colour Coding on graduated pipettes. Capacity of Pipette Colour code used. These are made from machine-drawn high quality tubing. They are sturdy, strong and safe for repeated use and can be sterilised and cleaned conveniently. One end of the pipette is blunt and fire-polished and the other gently tapered to a length of about These pipettes are used for the bacteriological examination of milk.

The 1.

Boiler Scale Removal

The pipettes are as per specifications of I. These are one mark transfer pipettes for measuring The accuracy is as per I. The pipettes are sturdy and designed for long life. For use in rural milk collection centres also. These pipettes are graduated for delivery from zero mark to the last graduation mark. These pipettes are graduated to tip. Two rings at top indicate that these are calibrated to deliver their total capacity when the last drop is blown out.

These pipettes are generally used for blood serum tests. They are calibrated to deliver by blowing out the last drop.

Wood Boiler Anti-Corrosion Chemical

We now offer a bigger range to serve you better. They are individually lapped and it is essential that stoppers and barrels are always correctly paired. All are made from uniformly drawn high quality tubing for extended service life and your safety. Graduated upto 10 ml in 0.

The joints are fully interchangeable and made to the same precision as all ground joints. The rims wherever provided, are strong. You will find that in the long run it is economical to use tubes only. The Caps and washers provided on Screw cap Culture tubes withstand repeated autoclaving. Approx Quantity Maximum O. These are ideal replacement for media culture bottles. They are provided with special bakelite caps to facilitate handling and sealing. The caps have a rubber liner. Similar to but with flat bottom for convenient storage.

They are moulded to the same radius of curvature for convenient stacking. It incorporates a porous glass disc as a filter media, which is non corrosive and reusable. It is also used for gas washing, dispersion and absorption. Sintered disc is manufactured by crushing brand glass, powdering, cleaning, separating into various mesh sizes and then fusing together in the form of a disc.

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The grades are classified by maximum pore size, which is obtained by measuring pressure at which the first air bubble breaks away from filter under certain conditions. The pressure differential is then used to calculate the equivalent capillary diameters in microns. The desired pore size is obtained by suitably controlling the grain size, firing time, temperature and the thickness of the disc.

Each disc is tested and graded individually. The pore diameters are reasonably uniform, which ensures required flow rate through the filter. The flow rate further depends on pressure differential between the two sides of the disc, free area of the disc, viscosity of the fluid being filtered, etc. Between different discs of same size and grade, there is a fair amount of uniformity in pore size and hence the results from two or more discs of the same size and grade will be uniform.

This ensures reproducible analytical results. The discs have maximum surface hardness and hence glass powder does not get scraped off during cleaning or with chemicals. Filters do not shed particles during usage. The discs are sealed to tubing without blocking the pores. Then they are annealed properly in automatically controlled lehrs. Anayical work with medium precipitates.

Mercury filtration. Non return mercury valves. The sintered discs and the glassware are incorporating them are mainly designed for the application of vacuum or for passage of gases at a relatively low pressure. The resistance to thermal shock of sintered ware is comparatively less than that of standard glassware.

Therefore, articles of sintered ware should not be subjected to excessive temperature changes nor to direct flames. Sintered crucibles are particularly suited for drying to constant weight. Dry sintered crucibles at room temperature can be placed directly into a drying oven at C, although customary practice is to dry at C.

Sintered ware may safely be heated in furnace to C without ill effect, provided that the cycle of heating and cooling is gradual. This prevents internal strains caused by excessive temperature differences between the surrounding glass vessel and the sintered disc, which can lead to fracture of apparatus. Sintered ware of porosity grades 4 and 5 when cold and damp should never be subjected to a sudden temperature change since the evolution of steam may set up sufficient pressure within the filter, to crack it.

Filtration Apparatus should be kept on its rim stem upwards in oven or sterilizer. A perforated support base is advantageous for air convection in case of pipeline filters. Care should be taken by use of heat insulating material such as asbestos to avoid premature heating near filter seal. Apparatus should remain in the oven or sterilizer during cooling to avoid too fast cooling rate.

This treatment will ensure that all loose particles are removed from the filter. This is the most favorable time for ease of cleaning and will ensure less risk of contamination in subsequent use. However, great care must be taken with large diameters and fine filters, as positive pressures on the reverse side may break the filter. Dirt particles are brought to the surface by the foam and removed by rinsing with water.

Hot ammonia or hydrochloric acid, mixture of hot concentrated sulphuric and nitric acids. Rinse immediately with distilled water and then with acetone. Continue rinsing until no trace of acid remains. High concentrations of hydrofluoric acid, hot phosphoric acid or caustic alkali solutions should never be used for cleaning. Their use will cause a rapid deterioration in the filter and an increase in pore size. It is therefore adviseable to leave the item in the acid to cool. These are suitable for use with our filtering crucibles Gooch Type with sintered disc, No.

It is with opaque Silica ware. At high temperatures, it is also ards. For accurate and long use, it is advisable to wash the articles in b Attack does occur, on exposure to alkaline solution and acids at distilled water and alcohol to remove trace impurities. Heating fused quartz to elevated temperatures causes Si02 to c Low expansion and hence excellent dimensional stability and undergo dissociation.

Consequently, when flame-working thermal shock resistance. This haze presumably Resistant to chemical attack. Approx Nominal Quantity Maximum O. CS 1 Anodized Aluminum Spring clamp v. Filter Size : 47mm v. Effective Filtration Area : 9. Funnel Capacity : ml v. Microbiological Analysis. Used for analysis of particulate or biological contamination of vacuum filtering liquids.

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Effective Filtration Area: 9. Filter support base with Silicon Anodized Aluminum spring Pipette Filling Devices Micropipettes. BTD - 4, 2. BTD - 5, 5 - 60 ml Model No. Wear instruction manual. Wear eye Follow instruction manual. Wear eye protection. Description MRP Rs. Wear eye Model No. Wear Warning :: Warning manual. Follow Follow Follow instruction. Estate, Goregaon E , Mumbai - Telefax No. Tele No. Dadar Fire Brigade, , Dr. Ambedkar Road, Dadar C. Rly , Mumbai - Mehta Road, Email : labfurnish vsnl. Nagar, Andheri W , B. Mumbai - Box No.

Email : labrequirements gmail. Cawasji Hormusji Street, C. Caswasji Hormusji Street, Tele No. Email : cnc bom3. Plot No. Email : tubings yahoo. Rajkasturi 30 Anand park, Anudh, Tele. Email : mineeyar yahoo. Fax No. Raj Chambrs, Tele No. Rajpipla Crossing, Tel. Hotel Delmon, Email : rcsdurgatraders yahoo. Email : tapdiag sancharnet. Joravar Palace, Palanpur - Tel. Medisurge Hospital, Post Box No. Dental Hospital, Opp. Karol Bagh, New Delhi - Tel. Tel No. A, Kailash Vihar, Baddi, H.

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Road, Old No. Bose Road, Sowcarpet, Kanpur - Chennai - Tel : - Telefax : Tel. Pondicherry - P. Email : nsspondy hotmail. Magadi Main Road, Tel No. Kovil Road, Thampanoor P. Road, P. Road, North End Tel No. Road Kochi - Kochi - Tel No. Road, Kozhikode - Tel No. Road, Opp. Rajkumar College, Raipur - , Chhattisgarh Tel.

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Dist Tel No. Warangal Tel. Towers, Gali Street D. No: Mob. Email : coasta3 yahoo. Sri Kanya Road,T. Colony, Opp. Ganguli Street Tel.

Testing Water for pH and Nitrites with Test Kit # 405 - Central Boiler

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