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Sue-Ellen Welfonder. Ronan ist mit einem jahrhundertealten Familienfluch belegt. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone. Content Protection. Read Aloud. May 14, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. This one gets 2. This is an OK Highlander romance, and many of the characters are likable. I liked Linnet and little Robbie, and Sir Marmaduke was such a nice man.

But I just couldn't stand Duncan. He is tortured by what his first wife did, so I get his fear of love. It doesn't matter who the boy's biological father is, he deserves to be loved by the only father he's ever known. That behavior alone made me dislike Duncan intensely.

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Also, Duncan beds Linnet, then tells her it was only lust and he will never love her. That act made me dislike him even more. I also got irritated at Linnet over that -- she just lets him get away with that, and "melts" whenever he kisses her. Good grief!

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I get that women of that time period did not have the luxury of denying their husbands, but no woman who was told she was wanted ONLY for sex would "melt" for her husband. She might endure sex with him, but she would not like it -- she would be too hurt and angry for that. And I don't care how "sweet" his kisses were, he never really apologized. Finally, I won't give spoilers, but what happens to Linnet and Robbie at the end is just ridiculous. No laird would be stupid enough to allow that to happen. Duncan was a jerk, but he was a competent laird, and he was not that stupid.

July 20, - Published on Amazon.

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Once he's betrothed and committed to marriage, he finds out, much to his dismay , her beauty would tempt a Monk! He wants an ugly girl, y'see. Someone who won't tempt him because he's foresworn becoming attached to another woman after the utter betrayal of his first, deceased wife.

Devil in a Red Kilt

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Devil in a Kilt (MacKenzie, #1) by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

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