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More in Walking. Goals and Prerequisites. Training Schedule. Week 1.

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    Weeks 7 and 8. Week 9 and Beyond. View All. Walk 10K 6.

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    Feel great after finishing a 10K walk. You will first work on increasing your time spent walking and improving your walking form. Working on speed comes later. The within-week walks will provide the minimum recommended moderate aerobic exercise time each week just to maintain health. You may wish to also do strength workouts on alternate days, which is recommended for health. One day each week is a longer mileage-building day which will help you develop endurance and toughen your feet to prevent blisters.

    Complete each week and assess whether you feel good enough to progress to the next week. It's wise to repeat a week if you fall behind or you found it too challenging. Workouts: minute walks at an easy pace, aiming for a total of 60 to 75 minutes for the first week.

    Easy 10K Training Plan, Schedule, And Tips | SELF

    Schedule: 5 days. Alternate rest days within the week, don't skip more than one day so you can develop consistency. Shin Splints : You may feel pain in your shins when you first start a walking program. This is common. Workouts: Increase walking workout time to 20 minutes on four days per week. The fifth walking day is a mileage-building day with a walk of 30 minutes.

    Download the 16 week 10k beginner training plan.

    By gradually building up the duration and intensity of your runs you will get to the start line in great condition and improve your performance. Download the 12 week 10k improver training plan. By mixing steady running with more complex sessions, this programme will step up your training to get you in the best shape for your next event. This program consists of four walk-run workouts, cross-training and rest days per week. The Walk-Run 10K Program is best suited for those who are currently walking or walking with some running regularly at least 4 times per week for 45 minutes.

    The Run-Walk 10K Program is a very popular program for first-timer 10K runners and those who want to enjoy training with minimal risk of injury.

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    It is the perfect program for those who want to train for their first 10K race, build their running mileage safely and progress into longer running distances. The program includes three run-walk workouts per week and builds eventually to four. The running is mixed with short power-walk breaks.

    The program also includes two optional cross-training workouts and rest days. Cross-training allows you to incorporate other activities you enjoy to compliment your program. The blend of running with short power walk breaks reduces the overall impact and risk of injury, increases the fun factor and enjoyment and prepares you to go the distance.

    Embrace your pace

    The 10K Beginning Run program is geared towards new runners who want to run a 10K successfully. The key is in the recipe that includes a perfect blend of running easy days, long endurance runs, cross-training and rest. The program includes three running days, two optional cross-training workouts and rest days per week, to allow your body to acclimate and quickly progress week to week. It begins with minutes and builds to minutes preparing you to successfully run the 10K race. The program is a perfect strategy for those who have been running 3 times per week for at least 40 minutes. If you are running less, that is okay!

    The Intermediate 10K Run Program is a step up in mileage and intensity from the Beginner 10K Run Program and geared towards runners who have completed a 10K and want to improve their race time. It incorporates four run days, longer endurance runs, speed workouts, optional cross-training, and higher mileage.

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    These are the sessions that will improve performance. The gradual progression of endurance runs will allow you to run farther, more easily and the cross-training allows you to incorporate other activities you enjoy to compliment your program.