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His new armour was guaranteed fireproof and biteproof, a fact which gave him courage. Then he gulped, as the dragon opened its mouth wide. There was a deep rumble. Black smoke filled the cavernous mouth. Sanguin huffed. Inky smoke billowed out, completely covering Sir Agravayne. Coughing and choking, he flapped his hands until the cloud disappeared.

His heart stood still. His beautiful armour was coated in soot. He was no longer gleaming gold. Instead, he looked as if he was carved out of coal. Now what do we do? We're all doomed. The Mayor could stand no more. And mind that horse, it's valuable. Sir Egg skipped nimbly away. And then I'll be back for my reward. Sir Egg walked through Shillingford looking for the dragon. He passed the butcher's and the baker's, and paused at the greengrocer's.

The red eyes glinted. The dragon came slithering out of the shop, scales grating on the pavement. And suddenly the dragon spread its wings and leapt upon Sir Egg, bowling him over. The mutton bone was flung from his grasp. Dozens of huge teeth clashed around his armour. Sir Egg could not shout: the breath was squeezed out of him. He was lifted into the air, shaken like a rag on a clothes line and finally hurled down upon the pavement where he landed in a painful clatter of sardine tins.

I can't stand fish! Are you trying to poison me? You young rat-bag. I'll fry you to a crisp! Sir Egg, staggering, held out his dustbin lid. A blast of searing air scorched past him, frizzling his hair.

There was a terrible smell of burning rubber. What a stink! It began to lollop heavily away down the street. Picking up his mutton bone, Sir Egg ran in pursuit. There's only the fish shop left - and you don't like fish. Two gulps later, it was gone. Have you got any more? If only I could go! But you see, there's just one problem I've devoured all the animals, and I don't really care for maidens. Too stringy. So I might as well be off - but I can't just fly away at your command.

It's terrible for my image! Imagine how my reputation would suffer! Now if you were a proper knight, it would be different. Sir Egg sighed. Would you mind being six foot six and a master of wizardry? I really couldn't settle for less. Sanguin thought for a moment. Generally I strike the bargain and then eat the human anyway.

You are privileged. Now - where's this Brampton Wick?

High over the rooftops it braked, turned a somersault and hurtled back downwards. Sir Egg wondered if it had changed its mind.

The Princess's Excellent Birthday Party

Arching its neck, it roared a devastating spout of flame straight at the fish shop. The door burst into flames. Fillets of cod curled up and turned black on their slabs. The Mayor didn't argue. He had enough problems, what with the townspeople demanding their money back with interest, and a horse that refused to move out of the kitchen.

Mrs Honey from the sweet-shop didn't argue either. She was so grateful to Sir Egg for saving her shop from being caramelised that she offered him lodgings and all the toffee he could eat. So Sir Egg lived happily over the sweet-shop, learning to make humbugs and gobstoppers and being much fussed over by the old lady. Although she was not quite so sweet as her name, she was as nice as lemon pie to Sir Egg. She even offered to adopt him.

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So, to his delight, Sir Egg became Egg Honey. He sincerely hoped that he would never again have to reveal his ridiculous old name to anyone. As for the dragon Sanguin - it raided and rampaged to its black heart's content around the unhappy village of Brampton Wick, until, in despair, they advertised for a knight to sort it out I'm not averse to maidens, either.

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Lazily the dragon stretched out its wings, which were as wide as the church roof. The Mayor turned to the crowd. It just said. I've got plenty of silver and gold to offer him. However, it was two weeks before anyone answered his advertisement. I have won many a joust and tournament. I know. We'll adopt. Sir Percivayle drew his famous sword. The dragon turned its back on him disdainfully. Or I shall set cold steel to your hideous flesh! And with it I shall cleave your loathsome head-' The dragon belched, and flicked its tail.

The dragon began to stalk towards him, swaying from side to side. Have you got a famous sword as well? Sorry, no. Should I have? But his wife pulled him aside to hiss, 'Five hundred? We'll never afford his prices! Flames scorched the doorframe. I want meat! Buns give me indigestion. He couldn't believe it. Sir Agravayne dropped his cudgel onto an iced bun and burst into tears. The Mayor's wife opened it and looked down. Her eyes widened. And as for your armour!

A trickle of smoke rolled through the door, followed by four apples and a melon. The dragon appeared in the window. Do you want to overwrite your current pending request with this order? Activity Books. Chapter Books. Picture Books.

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