Manual The Triple Agent: The al-Qaeda Mole who Infiltrated the CIA

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That operation, Mr. Warrick writes, was especially significant because it allegedly was carried out by Ali Burjak, Capt.

The al-Qaeda Mole who Infiltrated the CIA

He found his operative in Dr. According to Mr. Warrick , he soon came to the attention of the American National Security Agency NSA , which worked with the Jordanian Mukhabarat to identify his true identity and arrest him.

Despite the hidden reality that al-Balawi may have been far more committed to jihadism than he admitted to his interrogators including the fact that his Turkish wife had shared his militant sentiments bin Zeid had decided to place his trust in his new operative, who by now was released from prison. What follows is Mr. In a touching epilogue, Mr. Joshua Sinai is an associate professor, specializing in counter-terrorism, at Virginia Tech.

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    His arrival had been postponed and delayed for several days and his arrival that day, his thirty second birthday, was much later than anticipated. But, when they received word that he was finally there, they gathered outside to give him a greeting which they believed his actions warranted.

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    In order to protect his identity, he was accompanied by minimal staff and was rushed through the gates without being searched or inspected. Big mistake. As soon as he exited the car, he set off a suicide bomb, killing himself, seven operatives and injuring most of the other people waiting to meet him. It was the agency's highest loss of life in decades. In it, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Joby Warrick details Balawi's life, his family, his motivations, his actions as well as the providing similar details about the Americans and Jordanians involved in his career as an agent.

    Pakistan, an American ally, opposed missile strikes on its own soil and said they exacerbated the problem by radicalizing ordinary Pakistanis to join the extremists. Besides, "Al-Qaeda is not very strong, but you've made it into a ten-foot-tall giant How can a handful of core al-Qaeda leaders seriously threaten the greatest empire in the world?

    Bush allowed gave the CIA the green light. When Barack Obama became President, he promised to redraw the country's counterterrorism priorities, starting with renewed commitment to capturing bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Aawahiri. We relied a lot on the cooperation of Jordan which had a program in place to identify and train spies.

    Because of Obama's request to advance the program, Jordan rushed to find new informants omitting many of the vetting steps they had previously used.

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    US agents and officers were also advanced without as much training as had been required previously. As one person observed," "Americans are in too much of a hurry. Always, they want everything to happen right now. He was not reviews by the US. His reports were spectacular. So much so that some counterintelligence officers told CIA investigators they found his behaviour suspicious.

    Events in Pakistan were coming together too quickly, too easily. The results were predicable. It reads like a diary, heavy on details and facts.

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    The notes at the end are expanded. There was room for examining the veracity of some of the motivational factors but the author seems to have merely repeated how the speaker saw them. It wasn't until the swamps were drained and mosquitos eradicated that there were any fertile plains. He also presents the Palestinian view about the Gaza war, blasting Israel without mentioning the actions of Hamas that led to the battle. Good book, excellent narrator for audiobook. Interesting story about the triple agent who blew up 9 US officers but I kinda thought it was a bit lightweight.

    Author did go into the backgrounds of each officer and some of the terrorist's background but it just didn't seem that extensive - maybe there just isn't that much info about them. Regardless, a well-written book - it was easy to follow the events even though the author did jump back and forth in time a little bit. Highly recommend for those interested in Middle East events and at this point, we all should be, now that certain politicians have insinuated us into places we should have never gone.

    A very well written and plausible account of the CIA campaign against al-Qaeda in Pakistan focussing ultimately on the suicide bombing in Khost. What stands out is the clarity of the telling. Equally valuable is an attempt to understand the motivations of the people involved, which was obviously extremely difficult to do in the circumstances.